The changing face of the Namibian South is a constant as one rapidly moves through one biome to the next. Littered among the boulders, valleys and sand lies the history of the Namib in homesteads, artefacts of farm-lives from yester-century. One has no option but to wonder who these people were who submitted this arid landscape to their will; to turn it into a place with such richness in food and culture.

Zaris Ranch is one of these homesteads; a little oasis in a stark and unforgiving stone-scape, and the sentinel to welcome new visitors to the valley and farewell those who have completed their ventures. The homestead lies at the base of the Zaris mountain pass which is the connecting passage from the western lowlands of the Namib desert to the escarp and the south-central midland hill country of the Hardap region.

It is still actively farmed with the bleating of sheep and goats in the hazy afternoon sky signaling the settling silence of the evening as they return to their kraal. The bucolic environment with its livestock, big and small, ads a special nuance to the organic lifestyle of life in the desert, experienced at Zaris. The house itself is a large old building, freshly renovated. It has five large rooms, each with its own on-suite bathroom and sleeps a total of ten people, with the option of additional beds for children.

Food is provided by the in-house chef who cooks in the house kitchen, which lends that homely perfume of wholesome nourishment to the house. Outside is a large lapa and crystal blue swimming pool inviting you to cool your body after a hard day of hunting, hiking or traveling along the dusty Namib roads, all surrounded by a lush green oasis of plants and trees planted by people whose legacy is the cool shade you enjoy.

Lounge and dining area

  • Set menu – we accommodate any dietary requirements on request
  • Swimming pool
  • Standby waiters for drinks and snacks
  • 24 hour coffee and tea service
  • Hearth
  • Pool table, lounge and library


  • Evening relaxation and drinks
  • Swimming pool

Other Facilities

  • Laundry services are available on request
  • NO WiFi or reception
  • Each room is equipped with a keypad safe for valuables
  • Large gun safe available offsite
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